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Philadelphia Asbestos Verdict $25.2 Million The jury in the case of Baccus v. Crane Co. recently awarded James Baccus’ Estate $25.2 million in compensatory and punitive damages.
Navy Firefighter Awarded $2.6 Million for Asbestos Related Cancer David Fortier was diagnosed with mesothelioma in October of 2006, and died in June of 2008. He filed a lawsuit shortly after his diagnosis, but he did not live to see his case decided.
Asbestos Plaintiff’s Body Subpoenaed, Taken from Graveyard Just Before Burial Harold St. John's body was never laid to rest when a court issued a subpoena for his body to collect tissue samples. Chrysler, one of the defendants in the lawsuit, maintains that the proceedings were necessary to obtain additional information about the way Mr. St. John died.
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World War II Veterans Exposed to Asbestos

Countless veterans were unnecessarily exposed to asbestos during military service. Because of the military’s heavy reliance on naval ships as their transportation system for all military personnel, asbestos exposure touched every branch in the military from World War II through the Vietnam War.

One branch of the military that suffered from the highest levels of asbestos exposure was, of course, the Navy. Every Navy ship built before the mid-70s was fitted with numerous asbestos-containing materials. Because of this, Navy veterans account for 16 percent of asbestos-related lung cancer and 13 percent of severe respiratory diseases.

Navy personnel not only came into contact with asbestos fibers in engine and boiler rooms, but throughout the ship including living quarters. Even the slightest bump into asbestos materials could stir toxic dust particles into the air. Walls, ceilings, and various rooms harbored the risk for asbestos and its deadly disease. Read more:

Labeled a killer 30 years ago

Asbestos FactsOnce considered a miracle mineral, used to strengthen and insulate the products it was added to, asbestos is now known as an airborne killer. These fibers, which not only are as strong as steel, can also be delicately woven like cotton into a multitude of products. These attributes—along with its ability to be highly resistant to heat and chemicals—made asbestos an instant commercial success in the mid-1900’s.

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